One of the great things about underground hip-hop is the range of free mixtapes that are available online. Granted, some are better than others; but, if you are willing to invest a little bit of time, you can find some real quality stuff. Quite often I find myself wasting hours searching for new and interesting artists to listen to, so it was pleasing when this particular artist’s mixtape was passed my way by a follower on Twitter (shout out to@AshSamuels for the heads up on this).

Taylor Dunn is an artist out of Philadelphia in the U.S, and his “On the Contrary” mixtape is one of the best I have heard this year. Being from the UK, Dunn is an emcee that wasn’t on my radar before being recommended his mixtape; however, after listening to On the Contrary I found myself searching out his first official release, “Daydreamin’” (also well worth a listen).

On the Contrary is a fine display of 21-year-old Dunn’s prowess, not only on the mic, but on the mixing board too. From the first track ‘The Intro’ to the untitled closing track, the La Salle University student, along with Philly-based producer Philth Spector, samples artists from Anita Baker to Q-Tip to deliver 10 tracks of soulful beats, clever metaphors and sharp punchlines. I also found the limited use of crudeness in the lyrics to be refreshing, with Dunn instead favouring rhymes to relate to.

Stand out tracks on the tape? There’s a few to be honest. The laid back Philth Spector produced Wannabees, The Cool, and O.T.C produced by Dela are all solid tracks. And, while we’re talking about tracks, props must be given to the mentions of Great Britain, Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi on the first track too – sickness!!

Check out the On the Contrary here, and follow @TaylorDunn1990 and @Philth_Spector on Twitter.



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