Sublime Wizardy: Keeping Classic Hip-Hop Alive

Hip-hop is a truly worldwide culture, but while the b-boying and graffiti elements of the culture can easily co-exist across all continents, rapping is so often segregated by the language barrier. It is therefore a surprise to hear of a rap group made up of members hailing both England and Germany, making quality, universal, hip-hop.

Sublime Wizardry are a three-strong collective consisting of lyricists The Remarkable 1 and One Native Son from Brighton and producer Merlin from Hamburg. Having formed in 2007, the group are already four albums deep (impressive by anyone’s standards!); however, a six year career only tells part of the story, because each of these guys has roots deeply embedded in hip-hop going back as far as the eighties when the culture first began to make waves in Europe, and this is clearly evident in the music they make.

Sublime Wizardry is very much about the old school, and this means us listeners filling our ears with high-quality turntablism and lyricism in favour of auto-tuning and commercialised bullshit. Already popular in Europe, the group is now gaining more notoriety in the UK thanks to their live performances – one of which tore the house down in support of Public Enemy.

We’re all partial to a bit of old school hip-hop, but listening to it usually means digging out old Big Daddy Kane and Run DMC LP’s or CDs. Sublime Wizardry bring us those classic vibes with modern schemes and it’s refreshing to hear.

You can check out the Sublime Wizardry back catalogue on the group’s official SoundCloud page now:

Anyone living in, or around, Brighton can also catch the group in support of the mighty KRS One at The Concorde 2 on June 6th as part of the 40th Anniversary of Hip-Hop Tour. It’s going to be huge!

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