What I Can Do For You…

So what can you get for your money? Quite a few things actually. Content I’ve created spans multiple industries and purposes.

You want to be funny, I’m a comedian. You want to sell, I’m a salesman. You want to inform, I’m a teacher.

I tailor my writing to tell your story, in your voice.

Writing is my specialist subject.

To ensure the content I create for you meets your expectations and achieves your goals, I like to work to a three-step plan:

1. Get to know you and your business. Yeah, I’m working for you, but I’m working with you too. Quality content is good for you and reflects well on me.

2. Research like a maniac. Getting clued up on your industry, the competition and the language and keywords used, allows me to craft something that’s a level above what everyone else is doing.

3. Write, edit and proofread. Armed with information, the beautiful part of the process can commence. From me to you, a thoroughly researched, meticulously written piece of content that’s natural keyword friendly, engaging and informative. Content that adds value to you and the reader.

This process is used across all of the services you see here.

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If you’d like to learn more about these services, get in touch using the contact form below or email me at gareth@gjhancock.com. Use that same email if you’d like to hire me!

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