About Me…

You’re here for a reason. You want to know about me. Well then, let’s make that happen.

We all want to be something when we’re older. From my teenage years – after spending the earlier part of my youth pondering the usual options: vet, sportsman, singer, actor, astronaut, doctor, ice cream man (?) – I wanted to be a writer. I had no idea what kind of writer, just one that wrote words that other people read.

But I had that thing that a lot of writers have – an inferiority complex. There was no way I’d make it as a writer. It was way too highbrow and glamorous (I now know that couldn’t be further from the truth). So I banished the thought and pursued the traditional working-class route of manual labour. I worked in a shop, a factory and, quite successfully, on building sites (I am the proud owner of an NVQ Level 3 in Dry-lining).

Money was good. Life was good. Family, mortgage, two holidays a year. I even owned two vehicles at one point. I didn’t want for anything.

But it didn’t last. In 2008, the recession hit and things came crashing down.

I was laid off. And then laid off again. No job and no jobs in the Job Centre. It all went downhill fast. Bills mounted up, credit cards were maxed out. The car went first – towed away by the bailiffs. The house followed a few months later.

Rock bottom.

There was only one way it could go from there, but it had to happen quick – I had a family to feed. I had nothing to lose and when you’re in that position, any inferiority complex has to disappear.

So it was back to the dream of being a writer with an incredible determination, desperation, to make it work.

I became a full-time freelancer in 2011 with nothing more than a talent (and passion) for writing, a willingness to learn SEO and marketing, and a desire to help others.

Three years later, I landed a job as a senior copywriter at a digital marketing agency. No qualifications, just talent, passion and persistence. One year into that job I was also in charge of social media.

From scraping around on Freelancer and Elance on a dinosaur Gateway laptop, taking jobs for $5 a pop, I am now in position where clients, ranging from start-ups to multi-million pound corporations, come to me for work. And I love it.

I love working with people, helping them tell their stories; build their business, realise their ambitions. The Internet is great place to be successful and I get the chance to be part of people’s stories.

I’ve become someone – someone I wanted to be. Let me help you get to where you want to be.

N.B. This About Me page was written from my house, next to a window that looks onto the street where my car is parked. Life is good!